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MLCC SMD all type of Capacitor. 
Chip Resistor  SMD  all type of resistor
Disc Capacitor  Safety Capacitor X1/Y1, X1/Y2
RF Devices Chip Antenna, Diplexer, Dipole Antenna
Inductor HF Filter, Common Mode Filter, Balun

Colour Band Inductor
Radial Inductor, SMD Inductor
Toroid coils and Bead

Pluggable Terminal Blocks, PCB Universal Screw Terminal Blocks
Transformer Terminal Blocks, PCB Spring Terminal Blocks, 
Feed Through Terminal Blocks, Barrier Terminal Blocks, 
Interface Module, Through-Wall Terminal Blocks, 
Din Rail Terminal Blocks.

Mn-Zn Soft Ferrite
EMI Ferrite Cores
General-purpose Small Ferrite Cores
Various Size for SMD type and Leaded Type. 
DY Mg-Zn Soft Ferrite

Fuse Various Size for SMD type and Leaded Type. 
Auto Fuse  Auto Fuse Mini, Medium, and Max
Fuse Holder  2pins or 3 pins, and also custom design to suit customer’s needs
Thermostat KSD Thermostat and Auto Thermostat.

Lead Type Various Shapes and single to multiple colors. 
SMD Type  Chip & PLCC with standard and custom angles
Infred Red  Various type of IR products
IC Sensor RGB IC sensors.
Numeric Display Custom design to suit customer’s needs.
Backlight LEDs Custom design to suit customer’s needs.

It specializes in stamping parts , eyelets , machining parts , 
rivets ,terminals, and special screws as well.

It specializes in heatsink and aluminium products